What’s in an App?

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Since their conception in 2008 mobile phone applications have dominated the tech market, changing the way society functions. 

Monash University media and communications professor Gil-So Han said(Gil-So Han Interview) of the technological phenomenon,    

“When technological devices come to exist, peoples thinking, people’s lives, the quality of lives are always influenced and affected by material devices”

Created initially by private companies and distributed through various arenas via the internet, the mobile application or ‘App’ as they are more commonly known, are now available on all forms of personal technology units, making them accessible anywhere internet connection is available.

Due to this accessibility and popularity, App’s can be created from personal computers and distributed as shown below.

This has lead to wide popularity, with more than 3 billion applications downloaded.

The Apple app store houses approximately 134,000 applications from over 28,000 creators bringing in an enormous annual revenue generation of $250 million.                                                                 

In a press release from Apple, Steve Jobs was quoted,

“Three billion applications downloaded in 18 months – this is nothing like we’ve ever seen before”

The sheer enormity of the App phenomenon has lead to speculation over its effects on society.

Prof. Han said,

“Future generations will have to deal with how to negotiate with the force of technology, the autonomy of individuals.

As there is no precedent, other than public opinion, the monitoring of applications and their counterparts is almost impossible, leading to skepticism about their influence over a young generation of users.

“Majority would say they are helping, lead to believe they help, for the sake of public good, common good, but there is an unanswered question. Why those applications are coming on board, why they are so strongly imposed” Said Prof. Han

When asked about society’s reliance on such technologies, PhD in computing science, IT professor John Hurst (Prof. John Hurst Interview)  said,

“We are reliant; it is true – but “too” reliant? I don’t think so. Otherwise you would have to say that we are “too reliant upon the wheel – and all technology thereafter”

Whether for entertainment, business, politics, advertising or lifestyle benefits there is no denying the App’s growing importance to society, whether we will see a negative or positive outcome to this new era of media technology.

words by Emily D’Alterio

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