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This is AppSolute

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AppSolute is designed as a website to allow users an in depth look into the newly evolving world of mobile phone application tools. It will shed light on this new and somewhat unknown realm of media, explain its popularity, give an insight into what goes into making mobile phone applications, or the more commonly known ‘apps’, and many other aspects of their growing importance to society as well as showing their more quirky side. Media and culture is ever changing, and through an insight into the App it is possible to grasp the zeitgeist of our modern era.

As there is now an app for almost every use making them wildly popular, it is only natural that in order to tap into a greater range of voters, political parties have jumped on the proverbial ‘app bandwagon’. Joshua Papanikolaou offers an insight into this new political trend that could potentially see a change in the way society selects and elects leaders. He was also explore the darker side to apps, investigating the illicit world of illegal and unlicensed applications, and how these criminals seem to be getting away with scamming consumers and ripping off legitimate APP stores.

Jayne Duff will take a look at the more taboo side of mobile applications, exploring controversial apps that seem to be able to be sold and distributed due to lack of legal precedence. She will also reveal the importance that apps are having on ordinary people’s lives, from CPR training to real life stories of survival due to an iPhone application.

Online dating has attracted millions of users, so it is only natural that dating applications would dominate that APP stores. Emily D’Alterio will attempt to shed light on the legitimacy of such applications, as well as a hands on detailed exploration of such apps. She will also explain the basics about APP technology, where they came from, and how they are expected to change our modern world.

AppSolute will broaden your mind through a whole range of media outlets to the new and evolutionary world of apps.

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  • Joshua Papanikolaou

    Josh, a second year journalism student at Monash University will report on app piracy and the issue of 'jailbreaking'. He will also give some insight into the impact of apps within politics.

  • Emily D’Alterio

    Emily D'Alterio is also a second year Journalism student at Monash University.
    She will investigate the essence of an APP, what goes into them, what makes them so unique and quirky, and where this global phenomenon is headed in the future.
    She will also take a look into the world of Dating applications, using a real life case study to discover if its hAPPily ever after, or simply a giant scam.

  • Jayne Duff

    Jayne Duff joins Joshua and Emily as a second year Journalism student at Monash University.
    Through her articles you will discover growing necessity for iphone Apps as she takes us through "Killer Apps that Save Lives".
    She'll also focus on the controversial side of apps, exposing the more outrageous and often offensive applications in an unprecedented environment.


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